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Why Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete by is an exciting alternative in flooring for industrial, commercial, institutional, government, and residential applications. It offers the strength and versatility of concrete, yet has the beauty of natural stones such as marble or granite. The process of polishing the concrete is hardening the floor, reducing its porosity and seals out contaminants. Easy to install and maintain and is very economical for the end user. There will be an increase in ambient light reflection and slip resistance. Allow the experts at to guide you through some of the benefits of our polished concrete, and discover for yourself how this exceptional surfacing solution can solve your flooring challenges.

Product Duration Expectancy

The average polished concrete floor requires refinishing once every five to ten years, and these are under heavy traffic conditions. For comparison, epoxy coated floors last two to five years and floors coated with an industrial sealer generally go six to twelve months before they need to be refinished.

Lower Cost of Maintenance

Polished concrete by is one way to reduce the costs associated with this maintenance and overhead. Less maintenance consumables are required to maintain the surface since the profile of the concrete surface has been flattened and leveled. An excellent choice for any large floor area, high traffic or not.


The noteworthy benefits of polished concrete are that it has a lower total cost, has a lower maintenance schedule, and it meets and exceeds all "Green" standards for Energy efficiency and Enviromental Design. Remember that polished concrete contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which makes it an environmen- tally friendly surface.

Ambient Lighting Increases

Polished concrete increases ambient light reflection by up to 100%. That means greater visibility, fewer overhead lights, a higher safety factor and a shine that can’t be beat. The level of shine and the reflective properties are up to you. Elimination of up to half of the lighting requirements due to the ambient characteristics of polished concrete is not uncommon.

Slip Resistant

Flooring systems need to provide a safe walking surface whether they are dry or wet. Safety comes first when polished concrete is ready for long time use for either the workplace or for the home.


Polished concrete by is shiny, beautiful, striking and quite functional. The design is found in the smooth exposure and polish of the aggregate in the concrete. Concrete can be polished in many levels of shine and the concrete can be colored if desired through staining. It looks expensive and elegant and has a natural stone appeal.

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